Construction is coming along nicely! Walls are being built. Packaging is being printed. Sign and logos are in place. Floors are being installed. Lights are being hung - and the place is coming to life!

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We’re still hard at work making the magic happen (you can’t rush perfection), so you’ll need to hold tight a little while longer. We are scheduling our opening for the beginning of December (if all goes as planned). Be sure to check back in to see how things are looking and stay in the know regarding when we will be opening!

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  Anytime Biscuits

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 Sweet Breads

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  Our very own Biscone Pudding !

Kristen's Pies

      "87" Knots

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"The divine magic in numerology"

   When Kristen and I add our individual birthday numbers (our month, our day and the year we were born) separately - each set of numbers equal 1987, and we are 12 years apart in age! 

   This is very rare, and we have yet to find two people (or a couple) that have the same results with adding up their birthday numbers.

   We believe whole heartedly in the magic of the universe and these numbers, and we are using the "87" as a magical name for some of our products, including our "87 Knots" and our custom "87" Coffee blend.

   We also have a slogan that we live by that helps us to stay focused on continuing to move forward in life.  "Let's Get On With it"! 

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