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Butter Boards

      The newest and latest trend in food now-a days is Butter Boards. A different kind of Charcuterie board - Butter Boards take the concept of deli meats, cheeses, veggies etc, on a cutting board, and raise it to a higher level with the addition of flavored butter! 

      Brittany's Butters has joined in on the fun with offering our finishing butters for your Butter Board.           

      What a great way to enjoy our butters! Put our Pesto Butter, Honey Roasted Garlic Butter, or our Fire Roasted Tomato Butter on your Butter Board with veggies, relishes, deli meats, veggies and some of your favorite breads or crackers and WOW!!! 

                     Introducing Brittany's Butter Boards!

                                Only $35! 
Have your next party with a Brittany's Butter Board. Choose one of 2 designs with our logo. Both Boards are 11" x 9" with plenty of room for your favorite Brittany's Butter and all of the fixings!


Butter Board (1).jpg
Butter Boards (3).jpg
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